Rosamund is one of the world’s most successful campaigners on clean air. Her personal story, combined with her determination, drive and unrelenting commitment to improving air quality, is awesome to see. She has that rare ability to connect at a deeply personal level with a wide range of audiences including parents, campaigners, film stars and world leaders. She is a powerful ambassador for everyone impacted by air pollution.

Jane Burston, Executive Director, Clean Air Fund



Rosamund is the founder, director, and trustee of the Foundation as well as Ella’s mum. She is one of the most prominent advocates for clean air worldwide, a powerful voice in the air pollution debate. She started campaigning as soon as she realised its role in her daughter’s death. Her determination to highlight the human cost of air pollution has led to her addressing audiences all over the world; from her recent TED Talk to conversations with other eminent environmentalist and health advocates, such as Christiana Figueres, Dr Maria Neira and Arnold Schwarzeneger. Her work frequently involves lobbying politicians, as well as medical professionals, for more education and stronger legislation when it comes to air pollution.

However, Rosamund is more than just a powerful voice. She and her legal team made history when a Coroner found a direct link between her daughter’s death and the air quality near her home, 25 metres from the south circular, one of London’s busiest roads. Ella’s death certificate was amended to have air pollution listed as cause of death, potentially changing the legal landscape to enable other people to do the same.

Rosamund is now a leading light in the global fight against air pollution, a position recognised by the World Health Organisation, who made her a BreatheLife Ambassador. She uses her experience and position to highlight the inequality of those affected by air pollution. She is also an Honorary Fellow of the British Science Association and was named among You Magazine’s 21 Most Extraordinary Women of 2021, British Vogue’s 25 Extraordinary Women of 2021, The Times’ Green Power List 2021 and BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour Power List 2020.




Professor Sir Stephen Holgate, a consultant respiratory physician at the University of Southampton, was the expert witness at Ella’s second inquest, where pollution was found to have contributed to, and exacerbated her asthma. He has been a supporter of the Foundation and Rosamund, since he started working with the team in 2017.



Ann is a retired head teacher, with over 30 years experience in secondary schools. She is the Foundation’s secretary, and believes “it’s every child’s right to grow up in a healthy environment. Children can only make the most of their educational opportunities if they are in good physical health.” She became involved in the Foundation after meeting Ella’s mother and siblings at a performing arts school that Ella had also attended.



Andrea joined the team in November 2021 as Chair. Her background is providing independent advocacy to a wide range of vulnerable/disabled adults and children, enabling them to have their voices heard. She’s worked with organisations like the British Red Cross and has experience of establishing and running an independent charity. She has campaigned with Rosamund to highlight the dangerous levels of air pollution in and around London.



Sharon’s daughter Eloise was in Ella’s class at primary school in Catford. They were friends as well as classmates. Sharon and Rosamund were governors together on the same school’s board. Sharon is still there, as the Chair, and she works for telecommunications regulator, Ofcom. She became a Trustee in 2015 and is “proud to support the work that Rosamund has been doing; making the air we breathe safe for everyone.”



Joss is a Trustee as well as head of enterprise and placemaking for Bow Arts Trust. Using his experience, he is helping the Foundation make the invisible visible, by co-ordinating a sculpture of Ella made from a material that absorbs air pollution, at the same time as drawing attention to the air pollution debate. “Having grown up in South East London, air pollution has always been on my doorstep.”



Barbara Gray is our newest trustee. She has been involved in the community sector for 25 years, and is a strong advocate for Lewisham, where she worked in the council for 15 years. Her current role is CEO of Urban Dandelion. “The Ella Roberta Foundation has had a global impact that will benefit many people’s lives and fits with the work of Urban Dandelion, which inspires communities to bring about the changes they want to see.”


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